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When we consider more narrow ranges when evaluating your blood chemistry, we can reveal important information about your health, including:

Your Case Review Consultation includes:

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Courtney Jonson, Lac.

Courtney Jonson, LAc., MS is a functional medicine practitioner, primary care provider and licensed acupuncturist in the state of California. Her clinical interests have led her to advanced training in functional medicine and her practice focuses on correcting inflammation, unhealthy weight management, digestive disturbances, metabolic and hormone disruption, the thyroid, the immune system, and the aging brain. 


“Thank you Courtney for putting my nutrition back on track.  You gave me more information than my doctor!!  After doing the cleanse and the blood analysis, I am more knowledgeable about how my body reacts to certain foods and which ones I need to eat to stay healthy me!  Thanks again!.”


“It was evident in my first appointment with Courtney that her methodical approach to my health was comprehensive. She gathered relevant information to address my health issues by reviewing my medical history and explaining my lab work in language I could understand.  I was impressed with her medical knowledge and her common sense approach starting with a gradual elimination of certain food/caffeine/alcohol combined with healing through more functional resources.  Courtney is clearly confident with her knowledge and is adequately trained to assess the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease.   Most of all she is sincere and passionate providing encouragement along the way to help you reach your goals.”


“My husband did the blood analysis which was so thorough, much more so than when he had his doctor review it recently. Courtney was able to let him know what was affecting what, what was related to what, it made perfect sense! We are looking forward to getting his blood work done again in a few months to see the difference it has made in his cholesterol.” 


Courtney has been a life changer and a lifesaver. She turned things around for me in a matter of weeks. I can’t express how fortunate I was to find her (thanks yelp!) I’ve tried many doctors and alternative methods, but none got even close to resolving my health issues.
Even though  I was fairly active, ate fairly cleanly and no junk food and sodas, I still developed a ‘handful’ of issues. My journey to find a solution was a long one, as it all went downhill in my early twenties and took about 10 years to find Courtney.
When my first blood results came back, I couldn’t believe what I saw, after all these years of being in the dark. If I gave up any sooner or gave in to the western doctors and their prescriptions I may not have ever found out the truth and probably would just have been miserable and helpless for decades to come. Sometimes it pays to be stubborn!
Since my epiphany with Courtney, I’ve referred friends and family and have been spreading the good word with every opportunity I get.”


“I have never had such a comprehensive workup from any doctor in my life.  The blood test prior to the initial consultation was a great way to make the most of the first office visit.  I was also really impressed with how Dr. Courtney put together the report of findings and explained how my symptoms were correlated with unhealthy patterns in my metabolism.  I have been a patient for 6 months now and have seen many changes in my health.   I’ve lost over 30 pounds and I have much more energy. “