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  • Lectin Free Keto Online Course
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  • 12 Week Meal Plan
  • Lectin Free Ketogenic Recipe book
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In this program, you will have instant access to:

Online Ketogenic Program

Systems that Heal Course

3 Day Jumpstart & 12 Week Meal Plan

Lectin Free Ketogenic Cookbook

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“Long story short, I followed Courtney’s program religiously… we made adjustments and within three weeks on the diet, the pain in my esophagus subsided completely….I was shocked after having lived with pain upon every swallow for almost a year.”


“My doctor recommended seeing Mary to regulate my Diabetes, hypothyroidism, weight gain, and kidney disease. Within three months of fully following Mary’s instructions, I had my lab work run. All of my numbers were within normal range.”


Courtney’s structured and scientific approach to my diet has changed me immensely. I have seem huge improvements in my build, how I feel, energy etc. Her changes are easy to adopt and follow–not some crazy fad… I will follow for rest of my life.” 


“Before meeting Mary, I was housebound for years with Lyme Disease and mold toxicity.  I had become obese despite eating very little, and I was too sick to do even the simplest of things.  She met me where I was at while also setting strict goals and daily requirements.  The healing was slow, but by the six month mark I no longer tested positive for Lyme and I had lost over eighty pounds.  I wish I had found her years ago!”


“Several years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  After multiple doctors visits and several prescription drugs my illness just continued to get worst. In a desperate search to find a way to fight my disease in a healthier manner, I came across to Mary. I have been extremely happy with the way that my health has improved since I started following Mary’s program. Mary is the most reliable and caring health provider I have ever met. I would not hesitate to put my family’s health in Mary’s hands.”